Free  Wireless Terminals for Restaurant & Bar Operators

Effective immediately, Harbortouch is announcing numerous cost-saving measures for existing and new customers, including waiving all fees for 90 days that relate to:

•SkyTab device fees, SkyTab software fees, and SkyTab wireless fees

•All gift card related fees (transaction fees, monthly fees and gift card orders up to 100 cards).

•All online ordering related fees that we control (Harbortouch Online Ordering).

We just want to help hospitality merchants conduct commerce…

Restaurant and bar operators can apply for service by clicking the link below. 

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How to Use SkyTab

Watch this video to learn :

•  What comes in the box

•  How to change the paper

•  How to build your marketing database

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Like everything at Harbortouch, SkyTab has a 30 day No-Risk Trial period. If you are not completely satisfied, just return it and pay nothing for the device.